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The newlyweds, who tied the knot at Chilworth Manor in July, flew out for the luxury five-star Paradisus Rio de Oro in Holguin, Guardalavaca on November 1.

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They have a huge new TV with lots of channels, and a bathroom that was clean and working fine, and this year the shower temp was actually adjustable! All in all, Wild Times aside, this is not a 5 star resort, but it is certainly a great place, with an excellent staff, great shows every night, and LOTS of fun.

The piano bar was too bright, and a bit too loud, so it needs a bit of work.

'They came to my hotel room to treat me with more injections, but I was still so bad I had to be taken to hospital by ambulance and treated.

I went back to the hotel for three or for days, and then flew home - that was it.'I'm still not 100 per cent right now - my stomach is still not as strong as it was.'You just wouldn't expect it from a five star resort, we paid good money for it and want Thomas Cook to take responsibility.'We couldn't enjoy the holiday at all, we were devastated, and now I'm absolutely furious that Thomas Cook haven't responded to our complaint.'We reported all the problems to the holiday rep, and got an email saying they'd get back to us within 28 days, but they've done nothing.' When he returned to the UK on November 16, Mr Longhurst went to A&E because he was still unwell.

Ms Green, 52, was rewarded with a flood of accolades — she won the coveted Veuve Clicquot businesswoman of the year award in May — and became a member of the Prime Minister’s inner circle of top business advisers.

But perhaps the greatest compliment she — or anyone in her position — could ever receive was that £360 million was wiped off the share price following her sudden exit from Thomas Cook earlier this week.Matt caught the whole sordid incident on camera, and the couple saw the funny side and shared the video on Facebook.My wife and I have been to Hedo ii (as well as Hedo 3 when it was open), and as before, we had an amazing, absolutely over-the-top time.But then I started vomiting and I was violently ill.'I went to medical centre, and I was really dehydrated so they put me on drips and pumped me full of drugs.'My tongue turned black from whatever happened to me.The nurse said there was a lot of it going round at the hotel.'The drugs they gave me helped for one day, but the next day I went down with stomach cramps again.From the front, Harriet Green, pictured left with husband Graham Clarkson, looks like a conventional chief executive, but from behind, right, she has a large Celtic tattoo in honor of her Welsh mother Conducted in the gym of Brown’s, a five-star Mayfair hotel, where Ms Green, who lives in Oxford, stays during the week, it was accompanied by a photograph of her wearing a low-cut, little black number, high-heels, diamond necklace and red sweatbands on each wrist under the headline: ‘Harriet Green: how to be a superboss.’It would be difficult to envisage one of the nine other women running a FTSE 250 company striking such a pose, or speaking so candidly about her husband (she chose him in seven seconds), her hairdo (a daily blow-dry before 7am), and her exercise regime (with a former-Marine personal trainer at 5.30am).

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