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The Shockspot robotic penis is synced with a vibrating Fleshlight vagina over the internet, so webcam girls can ‘have sex’ with clients online.

They’ll have to be quite brave – the Shockspot produces 18lb of thrust, with its makers describing it as, ‘the most advanced, robotic f**king system.’ Vstroker COO John Ruskin showed off the Vstroker apparatus ‘sensing’ a man’s thrusts, and a Shockspot bumping and grinding in time, in a report by Vice.

Kenyan police officers have raided a house turned into a digital brothel in capital Nairobi.

In the house, situated in a lower middle class neighbourhood, more than five girls were engaging in live webcam sex shows with men from around the world, even though the girls all insisted they were just chatting with them.

After you enter your dehumidifier's model number, please confirm that the information entered is correct, then click the "Check Recall Status" button.

You will then receive a message telling you whether or not your dehumidifier is one of the products that is being recalled.

‘Attached to a Fleshlight, the VStroker monitors the speed of your strokes.

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