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Our founders all have experience building software at Microsoft, NBC Universal, and Verizon.

At Cuddli, our mission is to create joy by making people’s lives more fun. Unlike many companies, we’re not run by business guys who don’t understand technology.

ARGUMENT FROM INSECURITY (1) We have gone to absolutely berserk lengths to establish that atheists are laughable morons. ARGUMENT FROM SUPERIORITY (1) If God does not exist, then I am an inferior being, since I am not "special" in a cosmic sense. (2) Atheists say that there are no absolute moral standards. ARGUMENT FROM HIDDEN LOGIC (I) (1) Intellectually, I know that the existence of God is impossible, or vastly improbable. ARGUMENT FROM HIDDEN LOGIC (II) (1) Atheists say that God doesn't exist. ARGUMENT FROM INDULGENCE (1) Atheists like to think that they can control their emotional desires. (3) Therefore, atheists feel the need to indulge in whatever they feel like without worrying about committing sin. ARGUMENT FROM EXHAUSTION (abridged) (1) Do you agree with the utterly trivial proposition X? (3) How about the slightly modified proposition X'? (3) Atheist also gives examples of martyrs outside Christendom. (2) Atheist offers several possible, natural explanations.

ARGUMENT FROM ABSOLUTE MORAL STANDARDS (1) If there are absolute moral standards, then God exists. (3) There is absolutely no other way that chariots could get to the bottom of the Red Sea. (2) Atheist notes that the NT doesn't mention anyone dying for their knowledge of Jesus' "physical" resurrection. ARGUMENT FROM ANECDOTAL EXPERIENCE (I) (1) I once experienced something I can't explain. (2) That someone must have been an eyewitness to the described events.

The Japanese landscape is draped in conbini (convenience) stores. They publicly declared their Lawson affections long before me. My husband introduces me to one of Japan's greatest delicacies: Lawson's red chicken nuggets. They sell an incongruous combination of snack foods and light porn. This is why I found myself on a cold and rainy Monday sitting at the Foreign Press Center briefing by the CEO of Lawson, Genichi ("Gen") TAMATSUKA. Gen-san know in person that I was representing all of the other Lawson Geeks who couldn't be there.

If you aren't on a train, you are likely at a conbini. There are ample healthy food options like bento, fresh produce, salads, as well as a junk food snack aisle with tastes that dazzle and sometimes perplex, like green tea-flavored potato chips. In his CNN travel show, "Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain," Bourdain states what every Tokyoite knows: Tokyo may well be the most amazing food city in the world. But their fried chicken and their egg salad sandwiches are truly special. When I'm out of Japan, I have Lawson Withdrawal Syndrome. You can pay your utility bills, buy concert tickets, send mail, get money from the ATM, print, fax, order a freshly made latte, grab a bento meal or salad, and watch the free entertainment of men perusing the magazines featuring voluptuous Japanese models. We pine for Lawson installments like seasonal drinks. It appears suddenly, and then, like a sakura blossom, disappears with the wind.

All software development is done at our Zagreb office.

We’re always looking for great people – Cuddli is the only geek dating app that is made by real geeks for the geek community.

So much attention is paid to those Michelin stars, but Japan's highfalutin cuisine isn't as accessible as the safety and security of comfort food. With a nearly unimaginable variety of places stacked one on top of the other, tucked away on every level of densely packed city streets. My Lipton Matcha Latte seems to come and go at will.

Japanese conbini snacks are, like broadcast positions in New York City, to die for. At Lawson's, you can dig into their unnaturally fluffy, insanely delicious, incongruously addictive egg salad sandwiches. Some of the Lawson products are like a food version of a strip tease. I finally get my chance to declare my geek love for Lawson. Tamatsuka is a handsome CEO at that, which is a bit of a distraction.) Armed with MBAs from Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, he's built up an impressive career that includes serving as President and COO of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., whose primary subsidiary is the global brand Uniqlo.

, for example), you'll find it has admirers in abundance.

But what's here are some of the stories that, for whatever reason, get overlooked, underseen and, perhaps, undervalued - in no particular order.

(8) [Atheist gives up and goes home.] (9) Therefore, God exists. (d) Humankind's potential to overcome their difficulties. (4) I can use religious exemption claims to tie the IRS up in court.

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