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What message does that send to black people about the attitude of the police? You can’t continue to back people into a corner without anybody eventually getting tired and striking out.” Now the 57-year-old detective finds himself caught between an increasingly alarmed African American community, and a department he fears will retreat to a mindset more akin to military occupation than policing. Are we going to have more violence against police officers? That’s the very thing that I’m trying to avoid,” he said. For the ordinary guy.” Cleveland voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, although her numbers were down on Barack Obama’s victories.

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But Hampton did not give up working to bridge the divide. “Now with Trump coming on the scene, spewing out these bigotries, my community is quite frankly saying this dude is a racist.

Then he’s talking about bringing back law and order again, and we know what that meant in the past. We’re opening back up open season on African Americans.

That’s what people are thinking.” Hampton, wearing a brown trilby and a gold detective’s badge on a chain around his neck, added that it was bad enough that Trump used the election campaign to push for a return of discredited “stop and frisk” policies, and to accuse Black Lives Matter of being responsible for the killings of police officers.

Those “reckless” pronouncements did not go unnoticed in a city marred by two of the most notorious police shootings of recent times, including the killing of 12 year-old Tamir Rice.

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